Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia


The aims and objectives of the Society shall be:-

1. To provide an authoritative, professional, independent voice of pharmacy.

2. To promote the principle that all persons should have access to the best possible pharmaceutical care.

3. To support and promote the interest of all associations and through them their members.

4. To contribute nationally, regionally and internationally in the development and dissemination of policies, standards, education and information related to all aspects of health care.

5. To provide an advisory service to government departments and other professional bodies.

The powers of the Society shall be:-

1. To formulate rules and regulations for branch and associations in order to ensure efficient and smooth functioning and uniformity.

2. To direct, control and administer the organization, property and monies of the Society in accordance with the aims and objectives.

The functions of the Society shall be:

1. To consolidate, co supervise and regulate the functioning of its branches and associations.

2. To establish and implement a uniform Code of Ethics.

3. To affiliate, foster and promote the provision of facilities for the education, research and training of the profession of pharmacy.

4. To provide a forum for exchange of professional ideas, knowledge and experience among Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technologists through seminars, professional journals or any such continuing education.

5. To promote and undertake such actions as may be considered desirable and consistent with the Constitution to achieve its aims and objectives.

6. To encourage the formation of branches and Associations as may be necessary for the better functioning of the Society.

7. To encourage and foster good will and professional relationship with members of allied professions.